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4G Dedicated Connection


dedicated connection

4G Dedicated Connection

Not many of you are aware that most ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Cambodia are giving you a shared connection. What that mean is your connection is being shared among the other users on the same line. What happens next is during high traffic hours (All the users on your connection start using the internet at the same time, playing video games (my favorite mod apk, you can get it on, or even you’ll find all types of slot online games with a difference, right here at or accessing trading sites for their games like your connect is very slow. You can do a speed test and it shows only the bandwidth of the connection. What it doesn't show is how many people are using that connection. See the figure below.


Here at 3nokor, we don't like sharing. We provide only dedicated connection.  As the name suggest, in a dedicated connection each user is given a dedicated bandwidth, no other user can share this under any case. It has much greater bandwidth then the shared one so is able to handle traffic with much ease even if is for gaming with the heaviest games with the latest hardware from Armchair Empire.

The dedicated connection allows the user to have 100% control with 100% responsibility to use the bandwidth with a smooth and consistent performance of their connection. This type of connection is needed if your office or home required high volume of traffic on a daily base, you should watch the video we made with the best 360 camera 2017 where we explain to you more in deep information.

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Please find hereunder some ready made plans to choose from. We can also customize your plan to fit your needs. We are 9 networks' official partner.

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